Guest podcast appearances featuring executive coach Jen Hope

I’ve had the privilege of being a guest on some fantastic podcasts and shows. If you need some listening material for your morning walk or a dinner fixing companion, here are a couple I was on recently.

Mom's That Lead
The Key to Accomplishing New Goals = Start Inside.

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Times of transition like the beginning of a new school year provides a great opportunity for a restart…to look at our leadership and life goals and check in to see how we're doing and if we need to make any changes.

But if looking at your goals sometimes leaves you feeling more discouraged than encouraged, this podcast episode is for you.

Listen in and hear Teri and chat about how to set and stick with leadership goals as we in the US enter into this new school year.  The conversation is uplifting and jam-packed with practical insights on how to grow as leaders and as moms, from how to select appropriate goals by starting inside, how to walk that goal back to the micro-decisions that will help us to stick with it, how to give ourselves grace and reprioritize when necessary and how to develop the habits and emotional resilience that help us to be healthy leaders and moms.


AMA Puget Sound
American Marketing Association Coffee Talk Series – Jen Hope

[embed][/embed] In this episode, Jen talks with Julie Lichtenberg, President AMA Puget Sound.Listen as they discuss how Marketing and Sales Leaders in startup organizations can uncover the challenges that prevent them from achieving their goals while cultivating a mindful and compassionate leadership style. More

Ready Pause Go
How a Side Hustle Can Shape Your Career Path

Jen doesn’t define herself by any one of her jobs or side hustles. It all blends together into her whole identity. Even in her initial career as a marketer for startups, she consulted on the side. It was that side hustle that led her to where she is today as an executive coach. More
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